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Create your own quizshow!

Quizshow.io allows you to create a unique interactive quizshow & gameshow. All from within your browser. Use your audiences mobile devices as buzzers and make your presentation interactive.

  • Create stunning quizshows for presentations, classrooms, meetings, birthdays and weddings.
  • Instead of boring powerpoint image slidehows create your own gameshow with questions, images and action
  • Create quizshows for parties and presentations
Try a sample quiz yourself and see quizshow.io in action: Play Sample Quizshow Now

See quizshow.io in action

Watch the following video to get a glimpse of what's possible with quizshow.io - you'll see examples for all the different question types. Just remember that you'll have a bunch of settings to customize your quizshow.

  • Devices Combine your devices to get a great quiz setup
  • Buzzer Use any smartphone or tablet as buzzer
  • Screen Use your browser on any big screen or a projector to display your quiz
  • Slideshow Include beautiful image slideshows
  • Winners Automatically award winners
  • Questions Create fun questions that fit your audience
  • Customize Customize answers, duration, texts...
You can use 7 different question types:

  • Choice MultipleChoice-Questions - everyone can answer
  • Question Buzzer-Questions - only the fastest player can answer
  • Map Where is it? - Who knows where Berlin is?
  • Estimate Estimate - Who can guess the number?
  • Blank Fill-in-the-blank - Who knows the missing word?
  • Attack Pairs - find matching word pairs
  • Threesome One-of-Three - multiple questions, always the same 3 answers
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I used this for a team offsite. Was great! I will re-sub next time I need it. Keep up the good work!
Needed it for a one-off event. It worked fabulously, everyone had a great time!
It worked great for our large scale one-time event
Great tool!! We had an incredible fun event with a big quiz that was very easy to set up! I will be back for my next event!!
We will sign up again, we did a big tourney for my entire company and it worked out great. [...] This tool is great and we highly recommend it.
The kids in our group had a lot of fun.
The app was great and it worked perfectly for my event.
I didn't want to show a boring image slideshow with powerpoint on my mothers birthday. With quizshow.io I could easily combine images from my mom's past with a funny quizshow. Everyone liked it.

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For what can I use quizshow.io?

  • Unique games for weddings or birthdays
  • Anniversaries or official Parties
  • Quizzes in Company Presentations
  • For Learning and in Education

Quizshow.io in short:

  • Create unique slideshows
  • Have your own gameshow
  • No Software to install
  • Very easy to use
  • Use your mobile devices as buzzer

You only need a Browser to create your own Quizzes. You want to know more? Click here: Browser and mobile compatibility

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